Sean-Tyler Thomas Walton[4][5] (born December 18, 1996), professionally known as Osean (formerly Osea.n), is an American visual artist, musician and the creator of OseanWorld.

He has previously provided visual effects to artists such as Madeon, Lil Uzi Vert[6][7], Trippie Redd[8], and Krewella[9].


Early Life

Walton was born in Decatur, Georgia, U.S. and learned how to draw from his father and cousins. He wanted this to be his lifestyle and became addicted to drawing and filled stacks of composition notebooks with dream doodles and started giving his characters personal histories In middle school, a friend of his gave him an art book or comic book, which he'd never heard about before because he never visited the library. He later learned about the internet, which "destroyed everything". Walton was self-taught and eventually attended college for an art degree.


In 2015, he downloaded Cinema4D, a 3D software, and learned from online tutorials on how to use it. In 2017 was hired to work on Trippie Redd's “Romeo and Juliet” music video. He also did an ad for Playboi Carti, worked on blog footage for Offset and the A$AP crew while juggling art classes. Walton says he wasn't paid for any of this work, but didn't mind because he thought it was good practice, until middle men or management wouldn't credit him or take credit so he stopped. He eventually met Grant Decouto (Deko) and other likeminded artists who told him to stop being a "video slave" and make art he wanted. Decouto asked him to make music videos for him and let him do whatever he wanted and paid him for it, though Walton didn't feel he had to.

Walton and Decouto teamed up to create Yameii Online, a digital Vocaloid rapper who served as a "hero character" that could be the face of everything OseanWorld, because the series is a lot like a rabbit hole. He was also taught by Decouto how to use Ableton for music.[10] He also contributed visuals for Madeon's Good Faith live tour.[11]


He supports NFTs (Non-fungible token), and his first two sold for a combined 29.7 ETH.[12] He went on to create two more NFTs for OseanWorld, six for Deko[13], one in collaboration with Madeon[14], one in collaboration with Bhad Bhabie[15], and one in collaboration with Natively Digital.[16] He responded to criticism by saying, "I’m glad these platforms show digital artist as actual artist instead of art workers and are shown respect and value in what they create. Carbon issues have been an issue and nft are definitely a part of the problem now but in doing these and donating to these companies to fix will hopefully fix more than just one problem. Most of these issue have been around since bitcoin and crypto started and it’s not just in crypto. Watching Netflix, driving cars, ect do the same things. I feel by doing this 1 spreads awareness to a problem that should have long been fixed before nft were even around 2 shows way more value to artist like me who haven’t even been looked at as real artist for a super long time."[17]


Web Series